Grenada CBI: Citizenship by Donation

DONATION – Citizenship By Investment

The Grenada citizenship by investment program was established in 2013 to help attract financial investment to the island. Today, citizenship by donation is one of two Grenada CBI programs available for achieving Grenada nationality. By making a minimum Grenada donation of $150,000, eligible individuals can pursue Grenada immigration with their families and ultimately receive the Grenada passport. Unlike other Caribbean CBI programs, the Grenada donation scheme is open to nationals from any country. Your Grenada donation will go directly to the government’s National Transformation Fund (NTF), established to aid in the absorption of Grenada donation fees by improving the island’s infrastructure and grow its economy; hospitals, roads, and educational facilities, are just some of the many recipients supported by this popular citizenship by donation program via the Grenada CBI.

Citizenship by donation for Grenada nationality

The minimum donation for Grenada citizenship is currently 150,000 USD (not including fees) for one individual; each additional dependent who would obtain Grenada nationality and Granada citizenship through your Grenada CBI application represents an additional fee, which is determined by his or her age/relationship to the main applicant. Please note, all Grenada donation fees for the Grenada citizenship program are non-refundable..


+ fees

The minimum donation for Grenada citizenship is currently 150,000 USD (not including fees) for one individual

Grenada Donation Fees for Grenada CBI

MAIN APPLICANT WITH UP TO 3 DEPENDANTS (For example, spouse + 2 children)
ADDITIONAL DEPENDENTS (Such as additional children under 30; parents and grandparents over 65)

Additional non-EDF Grenada donation fees include:

DUE DILIGENCE FEES for Grenada passport
Per adult applicant
Dependent child (Age 17+ years)
(Under 17 years)
PROCESSING FEES for Grenada passport Per adult applicant
Dependent 18+
Dependent Under 18
APPLICATION FEE for Grenada passport Per applicant

Who qualifies as a dependent for a Grenada donation?

Under the terms of the Grenada CBI program, the below types of individuals are eligible to achieve Grenada immigration as dependents on your Grenada donation application:

  • Spouse (of the main applicant)
  • Children under 18 (of either main applicant or spouse)
  • Children (of either main applicant or spouse) between 18-30 who are financially dependent on their respective parent(s). 
  • Children (of either main applicant or spouse) over 18 years with a physical and/or mental disability (who are wholly dependent on their respective parent(s) for care.
  • Parents or grandparents (must be supported by main applicant or spouse)
  • Spouse of a dependent parent or grandparent
  • Sibling (of either main applicant or spouse) who is ( 18-25 years old, Unmarried and without children. 

Grenada Donation summary:

  • Making a Grenada donation is one of two ways of achieving Grenada citizenship through the Grenada CBI program (the other way of obtaining Grenada nationality is through purchasing pre-approved real estate on the island)
  • The Grenada donation program requires a minimum cash investment of $150,000, an amount not inclusive of all Grenada immigration fees
  • The benefits of Grenada citizenship include visa-free access to over 114 countries and territories around the world, in addition to general expanded travel mobility (click here for a list of countries easily accessible with a Grenada passport).
  • Grenada allows dual citizenship, which means you can hold your original citizenship alongside your new Grenada nationality
  • The Grenada CBI program has no country restrictions, meaning that Yemenis, Afghanis, and North Koreans are eligible to apply and ultimately pursue Grenada citizenship
  • The Grenada citizenship by donation program has no residency restrictions, meaning you do not have to live on the island (or even travel to it!) in order retain your Grenada nationality
  • Acceptable currencies for payments related to the Grenada donation program usually include USD, EUR or GBP
  • While the Grenada citizenship via donation application process generally takes around 4-6 months to complete, please understand that the worldwide coronavirus pandemic may result in delays to the Grenada citizenship program (as well as delays to general Grenada immigration)

Grenada Donation and Grenada
immigration: more info

Please note that all Grenada donation fees for Grenada immigration are eligible to change. Please contact Guide Consultants directly for the most up to date information on Grenada citizenship by donation, the Grenada passport, and for an overview of the Grenada CBI and Grenada citizenship program.

The Grenada citizenship by donation via the Grenada CBI program is different from the Grenada citizenship through real estate investment program. For information about receiving Grenada nationality and a Grenada passport by purchasing real estate on the island, click here. For general information about Grenada immigration, click here.

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