Grenada Citizenship Program

One of the newest and most exciting Caribbean citizenship by investment programmes on the market, the Grenada CBI scheme grants Grenada citizenship to successful applicants who financially invest in the country.

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program

A tranquil island nation in the West Indies, Grenada immigration has long drawn travelers to its white sand beaches and pristine Caribbean waters. In addition to tourists, the island is increasingly attracting investors due to the financial and lifestyle advantages of Grenada citizenship and the travel opportunities provided by a Grenada passport.

In addition to healthy living, Grenada citizenship provides low taxes and financial security, while a Grenada passport allows for increased travel mobility and visa free access to over 100 countries and territories around Europe, Asia, and the world. The Grenada citizenship by investment program offers two tracks to economic Grenada immigration: would-be applicants have the option of making a $150,000 USD cash donation to the country’s National Transformation Fund (NTF) (the minimum Grenada citizenship cost) or investing $220,000 USD in real estate on the island. The Grenada citizenship by investment program is fast, confidential, and rigorously secure. The Grenada citizenship application process entails strict due diligence; in addition to paying the cost and fees associated with Grenada citizenship, applicants are subject to an extensive background check, which they must pass completely in order to complete their Grenada immigration and obtain a Grenada passport. As well as satisfying the security and financial requirements for Grenada citizenship, successful applicants for Grenada immigration should also be healthy and in good legal standing.

In addition to the travel and financial opportunities afforded by the Grenada CBI program, Grenada citizenship benefits include zero residency requirements and generational citizenship, making your one-time Grenada citizenship cost inclusive of a lifetime of security and freedom for yourself and your decedents. Experience Grenada citizenship benefits firsthand and explore the world with a Grenada passport!

visa-free access to +100 countries in Europe, Asia…


A Grenada citizenship is secured by the country’s stable and democratic commonwealth government. Grenada citizenship therefore guarantees political, social, and economic security for investors and residents looking to protect their monies and families.
Grenada citizenship provides increased travel mobility and visa-free access to over 140 countries and territories in Europe, Asia, and the world. Additionally, the Grenada passport is one of only four on earth offering visa-free travel to the U.K., Russia, and China, and all 26 European Schengen states. 
Successful applicants for Grenada citizenship may retain their original citizenship alongside their Grenada nationality. The Grenada citizenship by investment program recognizes the expanded financial and travel opportunities inherent to dual citizenship, making the Grenada citizenship program an excellent choice for those seeking to keep their original nationality.
One of the unique benefits of the Grenada citizenship program is its zero residency requirements. While the country is beautiful and well worth the trip, successful applicants for Grenada citizenship can achieve Grenada immigration without ever living on the island-or even visiting
The application process for the Grenada citizenship program is quick, painless, and confidential. How long does it take to get Grenada citizenship? For many applicants for Grenada CBI, sometimes as little as 4 months!
While the Grenada CBI program requires a significant initial investment, the Grenada citizenship cost is low in light of the island’s general affordability. With its minimal taxes and stable currency (pegged to the USD) Grenada citizenship offers low cost living as well as financial security for individuals and families alike.
Grenada citizenship provides access to the island’s attractive tax structure; if you have a Grenada passport, you pay zero taxes on capital gains, foreign income, inheritance, wealth or gifts. 
Grenada citizenship is permeant and generational. Once you have Grenada citizenship, you have it for life; Grenada nationality can also be passed down to your children.



+ fees

Receive Grenada citizenship by making a minimum cash donation of $150,000 USD (plus fees) to receive your Grenada passport

Real Estate

+ fees

Receive Grenada citizenship by making a $220,000 USD (plus fees) minimum investment in real estate to receive your Grenada passport


  1. Birth certificate
  2. Official and valid passport
  3. 8-passport sized-photos
  4. Police report from country of
    citizenship (and country of residency
    if different)
  5. Recent tax return
  6. Legally valid report detailing source
    of income
  1. Bank reference letter
  2. Resume
  3. References(Personal/ Professional)
  4. Notarized university diploma
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Audited financial documents/
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Grenada Visa Free Countries

100+ countries and territories.

A Grenada passport allows for visa-free travel to over 114 countries and territories around the world


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