Grenada Economic Citizenship FAQS

The answers of the most frequently asked questions related to Grenada investment and real estate are given below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

No. You need a passport or an equivalent travel document to enter Grenada.

In addition to the base price of either $150,000 USD or $220,000 USD, applicants for Grenada citizenship are also subject to addition fees related to processing and due diligence. These fees are calculated according to the number and age of the dependents on a single citizenship application. For a complete breakdown of all citizenship fees.

The advantages of Grenada second citizenship include increased travel mobility and visa free access to over 140 countries, low taxes and living costs, and general financial security for investors.

No. The cost of living in Grenada is low. A high standard of living can be achieved at a low cost on Grenada, where the currency (the East Caribbean Dollar) has a low exchange rate to the American dollar and the Euro.

Yes. English is the official language of Grenada, which also recognizes two different types of creole; a legacy of French occupation.

The average processing time for a Grenada CBI application is four-six months, although it can take longer or shorter depending on the nature of the application and the applicant.  

Apply for a Grenada passport through the Grenada CBI program. Begin the application process by contacting our expert consultants. They will provide answers to all your unique questions and advise you on how to proceed with your application. After assembling your required documents, lodge your application, and submit to an extensive background check for security and legal purposes. Once your case is approved, you can make your investment in Grenada. After your investment is processed and all monies are received, you will receive your passport!

Anyone who is at least 18 years old, healthy, and in good legal standing can apply for a Grenada passport-there are no country restrictions on the Grenada CBI program, meaning nationals from countries that often restricted from economic citizenship programs (such as Afghanistan, Yemen, and North Korea) may apply.

A Grenada passport gives you increased travel mobility and visa-free access to over 140 countries in Europe, Asia, and the world. Grenada is one of just four countries whose passport holders have visa free access to the U.K., Russia, China, and all 26 states in the European Schengen area. Additionally, Grenada passport holders are eligible for the E2 Investor Visa to the United States, making them unique amongst Caribbean nationals. Click here for the full list of visa-free countries for Grenada.

You can become a citizen of Grenada by financially investing in the country, either by making a  cash donation or through purchasing pre-approved real estate on the island. Applicants can apply for citizenship through the country’s citizenship by investment program. If you are at least 18 years old and are healthy, can afford the cost of citizenship (the minimum price is $150,000 USD) as well as all the associated fees, and pass an extensive background check, you will likely receive Grenadian citizenship.

The minimum cost of a Grenada passport is $150,000. This price is not inclusive of various due diligence and processing fees, which depend on the nature of the application as well as the number and age of any dependents.

The Grenada citizenship by investment program is an economic citizenship program whereby successful applicants can achieve Grenada citizenship in exchange for financially investing in the country. Established with the goal of boosting and diversifying the island’s economy, Grenada’s CBI program provides two legal pathways to economic immigration to the island. Successful applicants can receive citizenship by either making a $150,000 (minimum) donation to the island’s National Transformation Fund or purchasing a pre-approved real estate property on the island for a minimum of $220,000 USD. Grenada’s CBI is open to qualifying applicants who are healthy and at least 18 years old who pass a complete background check. Applicants who successfully invest will receive a Grenadian passport and all the visa-free travel advantages and financial opportunities that come with it!


Grenada is a beautiful, safe, and stable country whose citizenship offers unique travel and financial opportunities, such as visa free access to the U.K., Russia, China, and the Schengen area, and little to no taxes on wealth and inheritance. With generational and dual citizenship, zero residency requirements or country restrictions, low living costs, and English as its official language, Grenada is a safe and secure choice for anyone seeking the myriad of financial and travel advantages of a second citizenship.